Fast Trucking: In The News

Moving Rigs as safe and efficient as possible

As published in Pipeline News – Calgary

Conventional wisdom towards family business holds that the unique ownership structure of family businesses gives them a long-term orientation that traditional public firms often lack. During good economic times, while still successful, family-run companies don’t earn as much money as companies with a more dispersed ownership structure. Looking at when the economy struggles and slumps, like the current low-price environment, family businesses outshine their peers. Family businesses focus on resilience more than performance.

One of those family businesses is Fast Trucking based out of Carnduff, Sask. A company set up and run by Tony and Vi Day for nearly 60 years. They have seen everything the oil world could throw at them; they have enjoyed the high times and endured the lows. Fast Trucking was started from very humble beginnings, Tony started with one truck, growing into the huge juggernaut it is today. The last thing Fast wanted to do during these tough times, was lay people off. In an interview with Fast marketing man, Mike Lownsbrough, he explained how Fast Trucking has managed to keep their team intact, described the company’s history, and how their exemplary reputation within industry has kept Fast Trucking afloat.

“I find it interesting that some of these bigger companies, as soon as the threat of the downturn comes up, they panic and start laying people off. Some of the companies don’t need to do that, but they do it for their bottom line, which really disappoints me.” Fast trucking is the biggest oil rig moving company in south east Saskatchewan. How good are they? They once moved 14 rigs on a single day. “Those were the glory days. Now with the drop in oil prices, a good day is three rig moves at discounted prices.”

Fast owner Dennis Day is fighting like crazy to keep people’s jobs and it’s very appreciated by employees. “I was recently at a rig site, trying to drum up more work for the company. The consultant was trying to be funny and said, ‘what difference does it make to you?’ You have all the money you will need. I said it’s important to me because I have over 200 families depending on me, who are still trying to put food on the table and pay their mortgages. That’s why it’s important to me.” Fast Trucking uses and preaches the phrase “walk the walk.” Tough times call for tough measures. “Instead of layoffs, people were asked to take pay cuts and they have. They love their employees.” There’s a certain loyalty going both ways, between the company and the employees.

“We take pride at being the best; we want all of our moves to be safe, fast and efficient. Some companies do it cheaper, and some oil companies want cheaper. But Fast won’t compromise,” Lownsbrough said, adding that Fast’s mission is to look after clients, move rigs safe, fast and efficiently as possible, while providing quality work.

Lownsbrough added. “The first time I saw them in action I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They had that rig up and ready to drill in four hours. To see them do a rig move is like watching Cirque du Soleil. It’s choreographed”. Being actively involved in the community and providing help wherever they can means the world to Fast Trucking. “You have to understand why this company is so loved: this is the big difference between them and the competition – this company lives for the community. They have roots here.

“They really do care,” Lownsbrough said. “I should know, I’m from Carnduff, I’ve been watching them do this my whole life.”